What is the CV Profile or Career Summary all about?

The profile or summary on a CV is one of the most difficult elements to write.  The number of people who struggle with this important section is too numerous to count – certainly in our experience.  Sadly, there are dozens of examples, gurus and experts out there who offer you different constructions and explanations that you end up picking a style of profile without knowing why. This is where it starts to go wrong.

So we thought we would offer some simple advice on your CV profile.  The way to understand how to write a profile or career summary is to ask why it is there at all.

In a nutshell, the profile is there to position you in the mind of the reader.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that in the 30 seconds a reader will scan your CV, they are going to draw their own conclusions about you from those elements of the CV that stand out based on their own CV reading preferences. The danger for you is that they totally miss your strengths and what you are all about.  The result – your application is binned.

Your profile is a key opportunity to offer them a version of you that supports your candidacy, providing an interpretation of your experience that makes them take notice.  It gives the reader a valuable shortcut to understand you and your career.  So long as the rest of your CV supports it, you will have helped them categorise you in the right way – at least in the way you wanted!

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