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Preparing for your job search

Whether you’re looking to take the next big step on the career ladder or just after a change of scenery, finding a new job can be a daunting prospect. In the early stages of the process, the moment that you … Continue reading

The worst mistakes an executive can make on their CV

Making a good impression is crucial when you’re applying for a new role. This is why it’s so important to make sure your CV is immaculate. It may just be one document, but it’s the key to getting off on … Continue reading

Why bother with a cover letter?

Applying for a new job is always difficult, regardless of your current position and experience. For senior executives in particular, the hunt for a high-end job is especially gruelling. There are simply fewer £40k-£90k+ positions available than there are lower … Continue reading

LinkedIn or CV: what’s best for your job search?

One of the biggest, most frequently banded-about pieces of advice dispensed to job hunters at the moment is: ‘ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date’. While most senior executives will probably possess a LinkedIn profile, this statement can … Continue reading

How to get headhunted

Jobhunting can be a stressful and tiresome business. After toiling in your current role for eight or more hours, the last thing anybody wants to do is fire up their computer and spend another few hours applying for new jobs. … Continue reading

Do you need a CV review?

When looking at your own CV, it can be difficult to tell if it’s good enough and whether it’s going to grab a recruiter’s attention. After all, it’s not easy to edit your own work or see your CV from … Continue reading

Always keep Linkedin profile up-to-date, urges expert

It’s not enough to simply set-up a Linkedin profile with the hope of it catching the eye of a recruiter – it has to show an up-to-date reflection of someone’s achievements and skills.  This is the view of David Culley, a recruitment … Continue reading

Omitting age from a CV can help job prospects

A new survey has suggested that many employers remain oblivious to the fact that rejecting a candidate based on their age is illegal discrimination, after a proportion of older individuals said they thought their age had been held against them. … Continue reading

Older job seekers told to treat age as experience during interviews

Older job seekers have been informed that by treating their age as a way of demonstrating their experience in a job interview, they may stand more of a chance of impressing their potential employer. Careers expert Tricia Phillips recently joined forces … Continue reading

Eight in ten employers sift through candidates’ social media profiles

Job seekers have been urged to spring clean their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, following a study which claims that most employers will take to social media to find out more information about their candidates. Taking the example of the sector in … Continue reading

UK has more talent to offer than US and some EU countries

The UK boasts more talented workers than America, Norway and Germany – but is lagging behind Denmark and Sweden. Those are the findings from the latest Global Talent Competitiveness Index, released by INSEAD business school (in partnership with Adecco and … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid to show emotion during an interview, career coach says

A career coach says that job seekers shouldn’t be afraid to show their emotions or make the odd funny comment at a job interview.  Writing for, Lisa Quast, a career coach and former Fortune 500 executive, says that interviewers … Continue reading

Why should you contact a CV writer if you are happy in your job?

Being happy, comfortable and settled is a luxury that too few people can actively enjoy. Many more are keeping one eye on the job horizon to see what comes up and where they can move on – be it for … Continue reading

Job vacancies and wages receive a boost

The number of available jobs and starting salaries both received a boost in October, new information from 400 UK recruiters has shown. According to, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG have revealed that despite permanent hiring dropping slightly from September’s … Continue reading

‘Relevance’ and ‘difference’ entices recruiters to read CVs, experts say

A good CV or LinkedIn profile should include information that’s important to recruiters, according to a careers expert writing for In an attempt to establish what makes the ‘perfect’ CV, Lisa Quast spoke to industry professionals and discovered that pushed-for-time recruiters search … Continue reading

Average FTSE 350 chief executive is a 46-year-old educated male, research reveals

New research has shown that the average chief executive is a 46-year-old male who attended Oxford or Cambridge University. According to a study by software company QlikTech, those who were born in the UK stand the most chance at becoming a … Continue reading

Job seeking intentions reach two year high

More people are now looking for employment as jobseeking intentions have reached a two year high, a new report shows. According to, the CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook reveals 24 per cent of workers in the voluntary and private sectors are … Continue reading

LinkedIn reports strong user growth

The social networking site LinkedIn has reported a consistent user growth in a better-than-expected third quarter performance. The site, which is growing in its reputation as a professional tool for recruiters and job seekers, has enjoyed a steady stream of … Continue reading

Social media paves the way for more honesty in job applications

The increased involvement of social media in recruitment is encouraging job applicants to be more honest with their skills and qualifications, according to new research. Recruitment firm Hyphen has witnessed a rise in employers advertising their jobs via sites like Facebook and … Continue reading

Animator makes his CV into a game to attract potential employers

An animator has created a clever interactive CV in the hopes that a potential employer will be impressed by his creativity.  According to, Robby Leonardi has turned himself into a colourful cartoon character which guides employers through his CV. … Continue reading

How to reflect an executive CV on a LinkedIn profile

One of the top tips given to any executive when they are looking for a new job is to ensure their LinkedIn profile is up to date. For many, this is interpreted as refreshing and uploading their CV; adding their … Continue reading

City lawyer suspended after lying about qualifications on CV

A city lawyer that lied about attending two of the world’s top universities on his CV has been suspended from the profession for three years, reports Dennis O’Riordan falsely claimed that he obtained qualifications from Oxford and Harvard Universities in order … Continue reading

Choose LinkedIn groups carefully, urges expert

LinkedIn gives people the chance to learn everything about a group before they join up, which is why its users should take their time in choosing where they should connect to. That’s according to writer Satta Sarmah, who says that people should pick … Continue reading

Employers urged not to categorise staff or recruits

Generational categories have changed and should not be used to define employees nor potential new hires, reports. That’s the opinion of Linda Gratton, leader of the Future of Work Research Consortium. The business researcher and author claims that categories … Continue reading

Managers behave ‘unethically’ to get ahead, new survey reveals

New research has revealed that a third of managers ‘ditch ethics’ in order to progress at work, reports. A study by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has discovered that 30 per cent of managers routinely work in ways that … Continue reading

UK suffering from huge shortage in skilled workers

The UK is suffering from a momentous shortage of skilled workers, according to new research. A study conducted by recruitment firm Hays has ranked the UK as having the fourth-worst supply of skilled workers in the whole of Europe, behind … Continue reading

Interview coach shares tips on how to answer difficult interview questions

An interview coach has shared are tips on how to answer the most hated interview questions and explained why interviewers ask them. According to Karalyn Brown on, more than half of interviewees don’t know what to say when they … Continue reading

Four crucial ways a CV writer can help you reach the top jobs

You don’t have to so much as apply for a job these days to realise just how competitive the market for top roles has become. With the large number of applicants only increasing with the folding of yesterday’s industry powerhouses, being able to … Continue reading

Look out for interview “warning signs”, says expert

A job hunting expert has advised job seekers to look out for signs at an interview that they might not want to take the job after all. Writing for, Lindsay Olson says that if a job interview seems odd, those … Continue reading

Wednesday lunchtime identified as ‘best time’ for a job interview

A new survey has revealed Wednesday lunchtime to be the best time to have a job interview in terms of success rates, reports. The professionally-written CV has done the job and secured an interview, but according to employment consultancy … Continue reading

First Monday of September is a popular day to look for a new job

The first Monday in September is one of the most popular days to look for a new job online, it has been claimed. Simon Devitt, who is a director of classified adverts for newspaper publishing company Local World Ltd, believes that many Brits look … Continue reading

Who are CV writing services aimed at?

How many people groan at the prospect of updating their curriculum vitae? Nearly all of them, no doubt. It is one of those jobs that is painstakingly slow, yet requires concentration, good recall and the ability to succinctly convey exactly … Continue reading

Dramatic increased in number of charity executives being paid £100k plus

New research has shown that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of charity executives who are being paid more than £100,000 per year. According to, which analysed the pay of staff from eight of the best-known … Continue reading

Have a plan in place when asking for a pay rise, says expert

Body language expert Judi James has claimed that it is important to have a strategic plan in place when asking for a pay rise. Ms James made the recommendation in an interview with this week where she gave a … Continue reading

Competition for jobs still highest in the North

A report on the British job market has found that while the overall number of vacancies is growing, competition for roles is highest in the North of England, writes. Information compiled by online recruitment site, Adzuna revealed that vacancies rose … Continue reading

Expert recommends hand-picking the right skills to feature on IT CVs

When it comes to applying for an IT vacancy, knowing what skills to include on a CV and what to miss out could be the difference between landing a job and being overlooked altogether. That’s according to Pamela Rucker, president of C-Suite advisory firm … Continue reading

Union says 15th birthday of minimum wage should be celebrated by £1.50 rise

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) celebrated its 15th birthday this week (31st July) and the UK’s biggest trade union has said it should have been celebrated with a £1.50 rise. According to, trade union, Unite, said that the increase in … Continue reading

Experts dispense helpful job-hunting tips

It’s difficult to secure a new role in the current jobs market but fortunately, some experts have shared some vital tips. For senior executives, according to, the number one piece of advice is to ‘adopt modern recruitment practices’. Unlike … Continue reading

What could I gain from a free CV review?

FOR HIGH LEVEL EXECs Formalised CVs have been used as part of the recruitment process since the 1950s, though can trace their origins back to Leonardo Da Vinci, apparently. You’d think with some many years to get them right, modern-day … Continue reading

More resignations implies job market recovery

A new study by XpertHR claims that an increase in the number of voluntary resignations received across the public and private sectors could indicate the jobs market is starting to recover, reports. Figures from XpertHR’s 2013 labour turnover report show that … Continue reading

Improved LinkedIn app means users can now search for jobs on the go

LinkedIn has updated its mobile app with a much improved search function. Job seekers should make sure their LinkedIn profile is up to date, as now users can search for jobs, companies and groups on the go, whereas previously they were restricted to only … Continue reading

Favour test is the way to build a meaningful LinkedIn network

By using a system called the ‘favour test’ people can build up a LinkedIn network of contacts that is actually meaningful and useful, a social media expert has claimed. Alexandra Samuel, vice-president of social media at research organisation Vision Critical, explained … Continue reading

Executive salaries rise by ten per cent

New research has revealed that executive pay packets increased by ten per cent between 2011 and 2012. According to the Total Remuneration Survey 2013, which was carried out by Manifest and MM&K, bosses of FTSE 100 companies took home an … Continue reading

Top women executives earning more than men

New statistics show that top female executives are earning more than their male counterparts. A survey which was carried out by researchers at Southampton University found that female chief executives at FTSE 350 companies are paid an average of £1.8 … Continue reading

Job opportunities rise in May

The latest Reed Job Index indicates positivity in the UK’s jobs market, with activity picking up in May, reports. The May 2013 index reveals that the market is ‘at its healthiest since 2008’, where the number of vacancies advertised … Continue reading

Thousands of summer jobs on offer

A new study has discovered that there are around 25,000 summer jobs currently available, according to The study, carried out by job search engine, discovered that the jobs cover a whole host of different industries. People can find jobs … Continue reading

Eurozone hit by high unemployment figures

Unemployment in the Eurozone hit a record high in April, according to An additional 95,000 people were unemployed in the 17 countries that make up the Eurozone, making a grand total of 19.38 million people out of work. In … Continue reading

Computer course launched for jobseekers in Tyneside

Tyneside’s TyneMet College has launched a computer course designed to help those seeking work develop their technological skills. reports that those who have no experience in using either computers or the internet (or both) could benefit from the course, … Continue reading

Volunteering hailed as a great way to boost the CV

The importance of volunteering in terms of career progression has been highlighted by a – now employed – advocate, reports. All job hunters will attest that finding a new role in the present economic climate is tricky, hence many are … Continue reading

Companies not doing enought to develop leaders, say managers

A new report has found that companies aren’t doing enough to prepare future leaders, according to The research, published by Ashridge Business School questioned 1,100 managers. It found just under half (48 per cent) of those questioned didn’t think … Continue reading