Job Market Update – March 2010

Well, it is nice to finally see some good news emerging on the UK job front, although for many people this is hardly having an impact on their prospects.  Luckily for the moment, business are looking more positive.  The BBC news site reported that the “service sector in the UK grew at its fastest monthly pace in three years in February, providing further evidence of the economy’s recovery”.   Also, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) index rose to 58.4 from 54.5 the previous month, its highest since January 2007, allaying fears among some that the UK could slip back into recession in the current quarter.

But as always, we are not out of the woods yet. While the Chancellor has some room to play around with much less borrowing than expected in January and February 2010, the huge austerity measures planned for the public sector will begin to kick in this year and next year, in terms of taxation and cuts in expenditure.  This will create a rise in unemployment yet again and may well depress the economy along with the gradual reduction in stimulus measures such as the car scrappage scheme.  Maybe as we move into Spring, the rise in temperatures  and some sunshine will lift the national mood  and encourage further optimism.  Who would have thought that the UK weather would be the bright spot!

As for your CV, what does all this mean?  It means you need to have a good CV ready for any opportunity.  But that is not enough.  Try to find people you know, use whatever networks you can, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Always ask if someone knows someone  who might need a good employee.  Then have a powerful CV ready to seize it.

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