How do professional CV writers deal with redundancy?

Redundancy on a CV is nothing to be worried and you should not be alarmed if this has happened. Since 2007, almost 2.7 million people have been made redundant as a result of the recession, equivalent to 10% of employees since the start.  Even if you have been off work for a few months, there are many stories of lawyers and highly qualified professionals taking an entire year off work as they had no hope of making it back into the job market given the state of the economy.  Employers recognise the harsh realities; redundancy does not carry the same stigma as it once did.

As far as your CV goes, you would be advised to state your redundancy to dispel misconceptions in the following situations:

1. You have been out of work for a long time. You do not want hiring managers to think you were fired, so let them know it was not about your performance.

2. If you were only at your last job a short time. Managers do not want people who quit quickly as it evidences questionable commitment or a bigger problem.

There is no need to go into any detail on your CV about your redundancy.  Just note it for the reader in a suitable place.

Professional CV writers will compensate for periods of redundancy and unemployment by shifting the reader’s focus to more relevant achievements. While gaps in your career will not go unnoticed, their influence on your CV will be minimised so that what you have achieved during employment stand out.

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