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Executive CV Services

Many wonder what is the difference between Executive CV Services and regular CV services.  Is it that the effort put in is greater and the standards higher, or is it just a rip off because Executives are less price sensitive?

The answer, as ever, is that it depends.  It depends on the quality of the CV writing service as well as on the individual CV writer. 

CV services like Platinum – www.professionalcvwriting.com – devote the equivalent of a solid day working through and proofing an Executive CV, ensuring it is clear, focused and articulated powerfully to convey gravitas, depth and suitable breadth.  It is a thoughtful process and is performed by individuals who are themselves senior executives possessing an understanding of business and the demands of recruiters for these roles.  Commissioning services from Platinum means you are paying for this expertise, which is uncommon in many CV Service companies.

Therefore, the higher fees reflect the effort AND the experience you are gaining.  Where Platinum differs from others is in the price tag linked to these services.  With some companies charging up to £1000 for a CV, there is an argument that some services are pushing the boundaries of value for money.  Platinum does not endorse such rates.

Having said that, obtaining a strong, professional CV capable of impressing other senior Executives is not straightforward and deserves a significant investment.  Only you can determine whether that investment is proportionate and the end result meets expectations.

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