Employment Gaps – Do they Still Matter on your CV?

Everyone in recruitment would always tell you:

  • “make sure you explain any gaps”;
  • “don’t leave any unexplained gaps on your CV”; or
  • “employers don’t like people with gaps in their work experience”.

Some of this advice is still true – you should still account for gaps in your CV but one thing has changed: employers no longer worry that there is a recent period when you have not worked.

Recruiters are now saying they and employers recognise that we are living through the worst economic situation for years, which has not just hit blue collar workers in manufacturing – the traditional victims – but swathes of highly qualified bankers, lawyers, accountants and consultants who simply cannot find work where none exists.  Trying to come up with convoluted ways to narrow the gaps (by extending your employment dates in your last role) or pretending to have done something during that time off may make you feel better, but most employers will understand if you are a victim of redundancy during this uniquely painful period in economic history. They may not excuse any lies they subsequently discover.

So don’t be worried about how your CV looks now if you have been made redundant and had time off work for a while. Try to make use of the time wisely and productively so you maintain some of your skills and confidence levels.  The mental anguish around those are more of a barrier to your future success at interview than how a gap in your recent work experience looks on paper.

Best of luck to those of you looking for work.  The market is improving…so be strong and keep believing in yourself!

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