Superior CV Service

When you’re searching or applying for a new job, the first step will be to make sure your CV is in good shape. Whichever role you’re going for, you’ll be up against a number of other hopefuls so standing out is hugely important. That said, producing an impactful and effective advert for your skills is easier said than done.

It may have been years since you last looked at your own resume, or perhaps writing just isn’t your strongest skill – whatever challenges you face in the quest for the perfect CV, the team here at Platinum can help.

Our Superior CV service is ideal for anyone looking to push for a promotion into management, or even a complete change of career.

What’s included?

While the Superior CV service could be seen as our starter package, it’s certainly not lacking in anything. We’ll work hard to understand you and your individual situation to ensure we can produce the best results.

The process begins with one of our professional writers taking a close look at your current CV. This review stage is essential as it allows us to see what stage you’re already at – if you’ve managed to produce a top quality document without our help, we’ll tell you straight away and no payment will be necessary.

If we think we can help you on your professional journey, we’ll set up a detailed 30-minute interview so we can get to know you a little better. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and a big part of this lies in our ability to tailor our work to each talented individual we work with.

With all of the important information at hand, one of our experienced writers will be in a position to get to work on a new, high quality CV that could well make all the difference to your next application. To make sure it’s all up to scratch, the document will then go through a stringent editing process before it comes back to you. What’s more, the process will take no longer than four working days.

What makes us special?

Not only do we know our own industry well, we’re pretty well versed with yours too. Many of us have years of senior management experience, so we know exactly what your potential employers are looking for. We like to pair this expertise with a personable yet professional approach to ensure the best possible outcome. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today or fill out the form below to make your booking.


£185 (all inclusive)