Platinum CV Service – The Director CV Service

Who is it for

The Platinum CV service is suitable for the Director, Executive, PartnerGeneral Manager or Programme Manager earning more than £90,000 requiring an exceptional quality CV that conveys gravitas and authority.

Services Included

  • Free CV Review
  • The most experienced professional CV writer assigned to you
  • In-depth interview with no time limit
  • Potential for Face-to-Face consultation in London
  • Iterations of your draft CV until you are fully satisfied with the result

How it Works

Submit your CV for review by a professional CV writer or go straight to purchase. We will then contact you to provide feedback on what needs to be improved in your CV and arrange a time to hold your interview with our professional CV writer. Once interviewed, we will produce the revised CV and send it to you within 5 working days for review, or less if required.

Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion in the week, evening or weekend on 0845 459 3410.


£400 (all inclusive)