Platinum Professional CV Writing Services – Supplementary

We are offering a few supplementary CV writing services in a Pick & Mix way, as not everyone is in the same boat when it comes to writing or revising their CV (Resume). These are different to our core CV writing services, so if you need comprehensive support please see our core CV writing services

Professional CV Writing – Supplementary Service Options

We have a range of supplementary CV writing services. The purchase form is found below the service descriptions.

CV Advisory Services

  • In-depth CV Consultation: After your free cv review, you can go on to have a full consultation to discuss your CV in great detail and highlight specific aspects where it can be improved. (This discussion will last between 15 and 30 minutes)
  • Proofread your CV: We will read through your CV and correct linguistic, grammatical and punctuation errors, tightening sentence construction as we go through

CV Editing Services

  • Write a Professional CV Profile: The profile or career summary is a key section of your CV, selling you and setting up the rest of your CV. It whets the appetite of the reader and signals your key strengths
  • Reformat Your CV: Here we take your CV and make it into a more professional format that will make your experience clearer for the reader. We will not seek to restructure your CV with new headings to bring out your experience, etc. To attempt to entirely re-structure your CV would require considerable thought and re-drafting. So only moderate changes will be made.

Cover Letters

  • Write a Cover Letter: We will produce a generic professional cover letter based on your current CV.
  • Write a Tailored Cover Letter: We will produce a cover letter for a specific job description, researching the company to discover what they are about and talk to you to understand your motivations for applying to the company

Please complete the CV Services “Pick and Mix” form below.


Please select as many CV writing services as you require by checking the box next to service name. The form has 2 pages, so click “Next” at the bottom. Remember to upload your CV! Your payment will be processed securely via Paypal, separately.