CV, LinkedIn and CV Websites

The rise of social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and the mass of CV distribution services, are the new weapons in the war for talent among recruiters and companies. A LinkedIn or social media strategy is no longer an optional extra for the professional; it is a key part of your networking strategy to build key business contacts and market yourself to recruiters. A strong LinkedIn presence or CV website are worth the investment.

Who looks at a CV Website

“78% of recruiters use search engines in their research when they screen new candidates… Sites like LinkedIn…really give you a chance to access people that you normally would not be able to get to on a resume search or database search because they’re not on the marketplace,”
R. Boroff of Reaction Search International, San Francisco.

Recruiters and others are looking to verify your CV and find additional information about your career and personality. A CV Website, working with your LinkedIn and Google Profile, can help create a great impression when managed strategically.

Your Online Career Management Strategy

With employers checking you out on Google and LinkedIn, you want to ensure that the best bits about you and your career come up highly on Google and on LinkedIn.

CV Website Design and Online Strategy Development from Platinum

At Platinum, we develop your new CV and can build a succinct and professional website or LinkedIn entry to support your overall impression.

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