Teacher CV and Application Forms

Teacher CVs, application forms and personal statements are a specialist area. Many professional CV service providers do not appreciate the type of work that primary or secondary schools are routinely engaged in, the priorities of the senior leadership teams or understand the terminology used. In many cases, applicants for a new position will need to prepare either a CV or complete a comprehensive application form.

At Platinum, we have consultants with significant experience in secondary and primary school teaching who have worked with SLT members in determining staff requirements and so understand what they are looking for. With professional CV writers, we will then craft a highly impressive teacher CV, personal statements or answers to application form questions that regularly result in calls to interview.

The most basic mistake most teaching applicants make is not to make full use of the job description and key competencies. When producing any statement or CV, it is crucial to hit these head on, cogently and with real evidence. At this, we are past masters.

We can provide you with the following service options: Teacher CV Writing Support, Personal Statements and Application Form Support. Please contact us for more information


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