CV for SAP Professionals – CV SAP & CV IT

The professional CV for SAP professionals (referred to from now as CV SAP) and IT professionals (CV IT) is not as difficult as many CV writing service companies may suggest.  The main reason why a SAP CV will fail to make the grade is simple: it is excessively complex and focuses on technical knowledge rather than wider business achievement and competencies relevant for the role.

What is Required of a CV SAP (CV For SAP Professionals)?

As anyone involved in project-related IT work knows, the CV SAP or CV IT must reflect your ability to: manage staff; handle complex client or stakeholder concerns; deliver tangible improvements to business performance; and plan for major people change involved in IT programmes and SAP implementations. If you do not cover off your achievements in these areas then you will lose a key competitive edge against your competition.

How to present SAP Expertise in your CV

Of course, it is still essential that your CV SAP demonstrates your experience in major SAP implementations and upgrades, including your knowledge of ERP software such as mySAP ERP CRM/BW/HR/ESS, and show the balance of your experience between configuring application modules, functional consulting and programme management.    The trick here is to present this experience clearly and easily so recruiters can tick the box and then move on to your other major projects and achievements.

How Platinum can help with your CV SAP

At Platinum we will produce an exceptional CV for SAP Professionals, and have done so for senior SAP programme managers and functional consultants in some of the leading global IT consultancies, such as Capgemini.

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