CV Services for Sales and Business Development Professionals

How to Differentiate a Sales CV

A sales CV, unlike most other CVs, has to evidence your ability to deliver and surpass targets on a consistent basis. Whether you’re a hunter or farmer, cover regional or national territories, or manage channel partners or direct sales, your ability to generate leads, clinch the deal and deepen relationships must take centre stage in your professional sales or Business Development Manager CV.

But if everyone has a track record of exceeding targets, how are employers going to choose between your CV and the sales CV of others? Without help, they end up relying on their own limited knowledge of your previous sales job and the experience they think you have. So when helping you secure any sales jobs, CV professionals at Platinum will investigate your unique approach, experience and achievements.

Your professional sales CV can highlight unique skills across a range of areas:

  • Cold calling prowess
  • Complex or slow burn sales cycles
  • Success at getting past gatekeepers
  • Negotiating at senior (CXO) levels or across complex client organisations
  • Mentoring sales colleagues to exceed targets
  • Sales function management
  • Collaborating / integrating with marketing functions

All of these and more can set your CV apart and will be more or less important to each employer, depending upon their services, clients or maturity.  The challenge is to match your strengths to those a prospective employer most values.

Writing a Professional CV for Sales or Business Development Positions

Knowing how to present and write a powerful sales CV can be very daunting. You are required to address many questions, particularly:

  • What should I include and exclude?
  • How should I structure my CV to bring out my varied skills in the right way?
  • How do I mask any weaknesses in my performance or experience?
  • What are going to be my unique selling points?

Just finding a sales CV example and using this as a template is a hit and miss solution, as your experience, strengths and weaknesses must dictate the layout and emphasis you place on different roles. You simply cannot achieve this level of sophistication and targeting with a simple sales CV template.

How Platinum will Help with your Sales CV

We fully realise the challenges involved in writing a compelling professional sales CV that emphasises your unique strengths and experiences. Our professional sales CV writers have years of experience producing targeted sales CVs in a manner that will strike a chord with prospective sales managers and sales directors, given our relationships with recruiters in these fields. You simply will not find a stronger professional cv writing service anywhere.