Professional CV Language

Writing the CV is possibly the most difficult part of the task.  There are many tips on what to avoid, but there are some basic principles to guide the writing of a professional-looking CV:

Sell your experience, don’t just describe it.

  • Descriptive wording: Leading sales rep for new homes in a luxury development in year when housing market was stalling.
  • Selling wording: In a declining housing market – off 20% in a luxury development from the previous year – became leading sales rep, achieving sales of £7.8m in 12 months.

Use action words. (Don’t dilute their impact by using qualifiers like “partly” or “having”).

  • E.g., arbitrated, judged, purchased, catalogued, launched, realised, organised, orchestrated, centralised, lectured, recruited, consulted, led, reduced, dissuaded, liaised, reported, documented, maintained, repositioned, educated, manipulated, researched, established, marketed, resolved.