Management Consultant CV and Business Consultant CV Writing

Management Consultants and Business Consultants are among the best minds and, as such, the competition is fierce. It is especially fierce now if you are a recent graduate as you will be up against experienced consultants with MBAs from Harvard, LBS, INSEAD, Stanford, Sloan and a host of other top schools. To bring your experience out and set yourself up as truly differentiated requires some heavy thinking, about you and your target company, and some seriously convincing CV writing.

There are some key challenges when writing a Professional Management Consultant CV and a Business Consultant CV

A Management consultant CV or business consultant CV (Resume) is different to other CVs. Whilst industry jobs can give managers decision-making authority to effect actual bottomline improvement over their tenure, consultants are not always in a position to deliver the same and typically deliver short-term projects. This difference will manifest itself in the format of a CV and the language / terminology used.

(A) Management Consultant CV and Business Consultant CV (Resume) for Full Time Positions

If you are going for a full time position in project delivery and/or business development, you need to show three things: prove a track record of success, demonstrate credibility with clients, and show fit with the company and its values.

  • Track Record:It can be difficult to produce compelling evidence of tangible success as management consultants, notably when you are not responsible for actual implementation. However, you need to try to prove success, e.g., from follow on work won or approval from the CEO to the proposals. In addition, you may well need to offer robust evidence of industry or domain expertise (e.g. marketing, finance or HR), sales generation or generalist capabilities – depending upon the nature of the role or focus of the company.
  • Credibility with Clients: This is really about your ability to deliver consistently at senior levels, hold your own in high risk settings and win projects from such senior clients. Trust is implicit in these activities and so evidences credibility.
  • Fit with Company Values and Methods: This can give you an edge over other equally well-qualified candidates. So ensure you understand the values and style of the consulting company, not only to help make a decision on whether to join, but because you can reflect certain working style preferences and experiences in your CV. For example, management consultants at the consulting firm may typically work in large teams, at client sites all the time, or give tremendous independence, or use highly collaborative styles with a heavy emphasis on workshops and facilitation.

Strategy Consultants, Bain & Co. for example, have regional staffing and are considered not stuffy or elitist compared to other consulting companies. Monitor Group, as another example, claims to operate a slightly more global staffing model and has a far less structured career path for consultants, so consultants need to manage ambiguity and build their own opportunities. Pitching to them in their language and contexts means that you are likely pass the “one of us” test.

(B) Management Consultant CV and Business Consultant CV for Contract Positions

When going for contract positions in consulting, your CV needs to focus far more on the track record of delivery. Coming into a position for a short time means the client is less concered with your value fit, and rather more concerned with the relevant experience you have in the industry, in that area and in projects where you have delivered the same work. There is a checklist and you need to hit that in a highly compelling fashion with your professional CV.

How Platinum Crafts a Management Consultant CV and Business Consultant CV

We will conduct research with you on the consulting company targets, leveraging our network of contacts in the sector. We will then hold an in-depth interview with you to capture the full scope of your achievements and match them carefully against the particular roles and companies you will be targeting. Overall, we will:

  • Research your target organisation
  • Work flexibly – evenings and weekends to conduct interviews and write the CV
  • Make adjustments until you are totally satisfied with the final draft – See our Platinum Professional CV Service Option

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