Action words to help with your CV

We see lots of CVs duplicating the same verbs in their CV.  Not only does this show lack of creativity and diction, but also makes your CV phenomenally dull.  So to help with your CV, here are some action words to try:

Activate, Align, Adapt, Augment, Automate, Author, Compile, Communicate, Coordinate, Cultivate, Determine, Detail, Devise, Diagnose, Disseminate, Document, Effect, Enforce, Establish, Evaluate, Examine, Expedite, Facilitate, Formulate, Generate, Guide, Identify, Incorporate, Install, Institute, Investigate, Maximise, Mediate, Minimise, Modernize, Navigate, Negotiate, Originate, Oversee, Overhaul, Plan, Prioritise, Process, Rectify, Remodel, Resolve, Revamp, Review, Revitalise, Segment, Spearhead, Stimulate, Standardise, Strengthen, Structure

But remember – be careful with the use of action words. Some words are so over-used that you may harm yourself. For example, the word Execute is often treated with disdain by employers as a flash word for doing something. A CV is not a test of language; you are trying to communicate a strong and credible message to the reader, not impress with language skills.

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